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The Electric VTOL News™ highlights the incredible promise and progress of all-electric and hybrid-electric powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, primarily focused on non-helicopter VTOL aircraft large enough to carry passengers without conventional helicopter flight controls (though eHelos and eGyros are also included). Electric propulsion throws open the VTOL aircraft design space by harnessing concepts such as distributed electric propulsion (DEP) as well as facilitating new approaches to wingborne VTOL.

Check out the latest news roundup in our Electric VTOL News newsletters, read our in-depth Vertiflite articles and other news stories, learn about the different aircraft being developed and the new enabling technologies such as motors and batteries, find out about applications like the now-bygone Uber Elevate ecosystem, advanced air mobility (AAM), the US Air Force's Agility Prime initiative and the NASA AAM National Campaign, or check out our social media and other resources available for those tracking or learning about eVTOL.

One of our most widely-used resources is the World eVTOL Aircraft Directory with 950+ eVTOL aircraft listed to date — and new aircraft added as soon as they are unveiled!

We also have 300+ hours of video presentations on eVTOL aircraft and technology in our video library, including several Electric VTOL Short Courses, taught by leading eVTOL technology experts. And check out our upcoming events and resources from past events.

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Upcoming Vertical Flight Society Events:

  • 80th Annual Forum & Technology Display is taking place May 7-9, 2024, in Montreal, Quebec! This is the world's largest and longest-running VTOL technical conference, with dozens of papers and presentations focused on electric VTOL — register today!
  • 18th Electric Aircraft Symposium, held in conjunction with AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 20-21, 2024, at the world's longest-running meeting on electric aviation — save the date!

Recent Vertical Flight Society Events:

The Electric VTOL News™ is published by the Vertical Flight Society, the world’s longest-serving and largest VTOL technical organization. This website was started in April 2017, and is the first and foremost resource for eVTOL news and information in the world.

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