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Air Canada Wants Bigger Heart Aircraft
  • 30 Oct 2022 09:41 AM
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Air Canada Wants Bigger Heart Aircraft

Swedish startup Heart Aerospace AB announced on Sept. 15 it had abandoned its all-electric, 19-passenger (Part 23) ES- 19 and was now designing a 30-passenger (Part 25), hybrid-electric ES-30 airplane. The new configuration features a braced wing, a taller T-tail, as well as a much larger belly, likely swollen to accommodate more batteries. The ES-30 aircraft, which is projected to have an all-electric range of 108 nm (200 km), is now expected to enter service in 2028. Air Canada and SAAB have each invested $5M in Heart Aerospace, while Air Canada confirmed a purchase order for 30 ES-30 aircraft to serve regional and commuter routes.

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