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Airflow Announces New Partners
  • 22 Dec 2021 04:54 AM
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Airflow Announces New Partners

San Francisco, California-based electric aircraft developer, Airflow, was founded in 2019 by five former Airbus Vahana team members. In October and November, the company announced a series of partnerships designed to accelerate the development of its eSTOL aircraft. On Oct. 13, Airflow announced that Plug Power, a New York-based hydrogen energy firm, had invested in the company to co-develop and certify a hydrogen fuel cell-based propulsion system for sub-regional aircraft (shown). Plug Power will also serve as Airflow’s preferred hydrogen provider. On Oct. 25, Airflow announced that it had partnered with Honeywell to explore the integration of Honeywell’s IntuVue RDR-84K radar system on to its aircraft. Finally, on Nov. 11, Airflow announced that Pipistrel, the Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer, will supply the motors, motor controllers and batteries for Airflow’s proof-of-concept eSTOL aircraft. In August, Airflow had announced that it had received orders for eSTOL aircraft totaling more than $600M; AviationWeek noted “a shift in its strategy for market entry away from a focus on express logistics toward replacing fleets of older aircraft now used for regional passenger and cargo flights.”

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