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AutoFlight Reveals Test Flight
  • 21 Jun 2022 01:34 AM
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AutoFlight Reveals Test Flight

On June 8, Shanghai-based AutoFlight shared a video of a full-length test flight of a full-scale Prosperity I eVTOL aircraft. The video, which runs for nearly eight minutes, shows an uncrewed Prosperity I during takeoff, flight and landing, and demonstrates the aircraft’s ability to transition between vertical and horizontal flight. The flight took place on June 2 and involved the Prosperity I flying over 8.9 miles (14 km) and reaching a maximum speed of 106 mph (172 km/h).

This is the second full-scale proof-of-concept Prosperity I eVTOL aircraft produced by AutoFlight, which reportedly features a more aerodynamic design than its predecessor and took the company three months to build. Since making its maiden flight in April, this aircraft has conducted more than 30 transition flights, AutoFlight said in a June 8 press release. AutoFlight expects to finalize the design of the Prosperity I by the third quarter of 2022, with commercial operations planned to start in 2026.

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