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Boeing Backs Wisk
  • 28 Feb 2022 03:36 PM
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Boeing Backs Wisk

The Boeing Company will back Wisk Aero with an additional $450M in funding and provide technical and regulatory expertise to the California-based eVTOL developer. In a press release on Jan. 24, Wisk announced that the funding will “further advance the development of Wisk’s larger, sixth-generation eVTOL aircraft” (which it plans to unveil later this year) and support the company’s preparations for the launch of scale manufacturing. In a media call, Wisk CEO Gary Gysin characterized the relationship with Boeing as a “joint development effort,” citing efforts to integrate Boeing’s expertise in certification and engineering into its program. Wisk, which was founded in 2019 by Boeing and the Kitty Hawk Corporation, plans to produce 2,000 aircraft within five years of certification, though it has declined to provide a timetable for when that might occur.

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