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eVTOL Insights Recognizes Angelo Collins
  • 15 Jan 2024 10:55 PM
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eVTOL Insights Recognizes Angelo Collins

By Dan Gettinger, Managing Editor
Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2024

In December, eVTOL Insights published its latest special report into the highflyers of the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and advanced air mobility (AAM) industry. In “Ones to Watch Special Report 2023,” eVTOL Insights profiled 16 individuals at large and small companies and institutions, including VFS Executive Director Angelo Collins. “The 16 individuals featured in this report come from all over the world; from those who have enjoyed a rapid rise in their company since joining, to those leading the way at smaller companies which are quietly plotting their way to commercial operations,” writes Executive Editor Jason Pritchard in an introduction to the report.

“Ones to Watch” is the first such special report published by eVTOL Insights, the London-based news organization, and its fifth overall. It follows special reports Chief Technology Officers published in June (see “eVTOL Insights Highlights eVTOL CTOs,” Vertiflite, July/Aug 2023) and on women in the AAM industry (see “eVTOL Insights Recognizes Women in eVTOL,” Vertiflite, Nov/Dec 2023) in September, as well as its annual “Power Book” special report series, which recognized former VFS Executive Director Mike Hirschberg in its first edition.

Kacy Anderson is the Integrated Validation and Verification Team Manager at Wisk and a veteran of the US Air Force, where she earned a commendation for her work as a civilian airborne test conductor on the F-16 and T-38 test programs.

Alishan Aziz is a Graduate Engineer at Electro.Aero who is working on developing code for aircraft charging systems, as well as serving as the Secretary of SAE International’s AE-7D Aircraft Energy Storage and Charging Committee.

Michelle Butkivich is the Flight Test and Operations Program Manager at Wisk, where she led the company’s first off-site deployment in 2022 and, in 2023, its flight test operations at the Experiment Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture and in Long Beach. Mariano De Diego Biosca is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vertiports Network, a position to which he brings more than 14 years of experience as an electronics engineer.

Angelo Collins brings 15 years of experience to the role of Executive Director of the Vertical Flight Society, prior to which he worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and at Skyworks Aeronautics.

Stella-Marissa Hughes is the Advanced Air Mobility Strategy, Business Development and Partnership Leader at CAE and is responsible for leading a team that she worked to build from the ground up.

Chris Johnson is the AAM Student Assistant at The Ohio State University and served as the Director of the Ohio Air Mobility Symposium between 2020 and 2023.

Ola Kaleel is the Senior Engineer for Loads and Criteria at Overair, where she leads efforts to produce critical loads data required for the company’s aircraft design and certification teams.

Tahsin Kart leads a team of 40 engineers as the Head of Engineering at Cyclotech, prior to which he served as the Head of Powerplant at Volocopter and worked at Roketsan Missile and Samsung.

Kelsey Krupicka is the third woman to go through the Graduate Assistant Program at the National Test Pilot School, where she is working on a project to develop a simulator for eVTOL aircraft.

Fabrice Kunzi is the Chief Operating Officer at Skygrid LLC and an engineer with a deep familiarity with detect-and-avoid and unmanned traffic management systems.

Manuel Heredia Ortiz is the Managing Director at Crisalion Mobility, where he spearheads corporate strategy and oversees the company’s compliance with its goals.

Karina Perez is the Director for Unmanned and Emerging Aviation Technologies at Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), where she works to build industry consensus on a range of complex issues.

Dr. Corentin Perret-Gentil is the Director of Development at Daedalean, where he leads the company’s machine learning team and efforts to develop its visual traffic detection system.

Dr. Puneet Singh is an engineer in Flight Dynamics and Control Laws at Overair and a founding member of the VFS Southern California Chapter, as well as a regular presenter at VFS conferences. He led a winning VFS Student Design Competition team at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2011.

Jason Sylvestre, Max Liben and Eric Maciolek collectively bring a wealth of engineering experience to their roles as co- founders of and executives at H3X, an electric propulsion firm based in Colorado.

The “Ones to Watch” report, with full biographies of the honorees, is available at: www.evtolinsights.com/reports.


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