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NEXA Publishes Study on Vancouver
  • 29 Sep 2020 07:46 AM
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NEXA Publishes Study on Vancouver

On Sept. 15, 2020, NEXA Advisors LLC published a white paper, "Advanced Air Mobility Comes to Vancouver — Exciting New Mobility Options for Residents, Businesses, Indigenous Peoples, and Public Responders." This study was sponsored by the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) Consortium, a non-profit effort bringing together partners across government, academia, industry, and local communities, to lay the foundation for advanced air mobility in Canada, seeking to maximize public benefits for all.

CAAM intends to facilitate development of airspace above Canada’s cities and exurban areas, delivering advanced mobility options and benefits to society, especially residents, businesses, disadvantaged communities, Indigenous peoples, and emergency responders. The vision for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) will be to deliver equitable, inclusive, resilient, intermodal, and accessible elements with Zero Emission Aircraft. A centralized strategy is planned, nationally and regionally, with the inclusion of stakeholders across government, industry, academia, and the investment community.

The white paper is about new mobility options available to metropolitan areas of the world, making use of airspace above cities, and their expected societal and economic benefits. It is also an exploration of how Vancouver may become North America’s first AAM city, with the opportunities and challenges involved in being first. Nexa asked the question: How should Vancouver go about building an enhanced, sustainable, and safe transportation economy, with the goal of increasing accessibility and quality of life for all communities?

Audiences are municipal and government agencies, transportation and social policy experts, the aviation and tech industries, research organizations, the media, universities, community leaders and, most significantly, residents of the Metro Vancouver region.

Several companies and individuals are responsible for the research and preparation of this document. Researched and prepared by NEXA Advisors LLC, the team included transportation economists and experts in aerospace and electric transportation systems, extensively supported by Crown Consulting Inc. The Vertical Flight Society (VFS) was also an advisor and contributor to the study.

Download the white paper (pdf)

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