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Wisk v. Archer v. Wisk
  • 11 Sep 2021 08:32 PM
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Wisk v. Archer v. Wisk

The litigation between Wisk Aero, LLC, and Archer Aviation, Inc., continues. It started on April 6, when Wisk filed a lawsuit against Archer, alleging theft of intellectual property and trade secrets after the highly suspicious activity of three employees departing Wisk for Archer, and the similarity between Archer’s Maker eVTOL and Wisk’s next-generation eVTOL revealed in its 2020 patent application. After public and legal maneuvering, Archer filed a counterclaim against Wisk, seeking more than $1B in damages for engaging in a “knowingly false extra-judicial smear campaign” — Archer lost $1B in valuation prior to its SPAC merger. The judge overseeing the case has made several rulings which, eVTOL.com notes, has “declined to hand a decisive victory to either party at this early stage.” Atlas Crest Investment Corp. has scheduled its shareholders to vote on the SPAC business combination with Archer on Sept. 14.

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