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XPeng AeroHT X3 Takes Flight
  • 09 Jan 2023 09:19 AM
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XPeng AeroHT X3 Takes Flight

In a video posted to YouTube on Oct. 24, XPeng AeroHT (previously “XPeng Heitech” and “HT Aero”) revealed that it conducted the maiden flight of an uncrewed demonstrator for its X3 flying car. In the video, XPeng AeroHT, the eVTOL affiliate of the China-based automaker XPeng, shows the eVTOL aircraft take off, hover and land. The X3 is an interim name for the latest iteration of XPeng’s flying car design. The prototype features a multicopter design arranged in a coaxial octocopter configuration and situated on the roof of a car. In a separate Oct. 24 video, XPeng AeroHT revealed a design for the future of its flying car, showing how the arms would unfold outwards from the roof of the vehicle. (An early concept unveiled last year had an animation of the arms extending from the rear windows and then unfolding.)

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