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Zeva Zero

Tacoma, Washington, USA

Zeva is a relatively new company based in Tacoma, Washington, USA and has created an all electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft concept including a sub-scale prototype called Zero (Zero-emissions Electric Vertical Aircraft) to provide alternative options to people for their daily commute. Zeva has enlisted engineers from around the world to help build their eVTOL aircraft. As of 2018, Zeva is looking for $1.5 million USD in funding.

The ZERO is a personal flying machine that transitions from hover mode, to forward flight mode and cruises comfortably at 160 mph (258 kmh). The company says that ZERO blends the best features of a multi-copter with a streamlined wing for improved range and efficiency. It has the look like a flying saucer.

Zero has been designed to be compact so that two (2) can fit in a single car bay. As additional vehicles in a city with skyscrapers will be difficult to park or land, they have created the idea of adding a dock to the side of skyscrapers, called a SkyDock, to allow ease of landing and taking off in any city.

They have flown a one-sixth-subscale prototype and are pleased with its ability to fly on its test flights. Zero has eight (8) engines powered by batteries. Zeva plans to use lasers to find an appropriate parking spot and can also warn pedestrians that it's landing. The target sales price is $140,000.00 USD.

SkyDock is ZEVA’s patent-pending configuration for docking the ZERO to the side of a building. This is an important feature says Zeva because as eVTOL vehicles and air-taxis might become widespread by 2025 and the horizontal surface area (tops of buildings) will be crowded, busy and/or over capacity. SkyDock will allow passengers to travel from a skyscraper to another skyscraper and land at any floor where the SkyDock is located.

Zeva is also participating in the GoFly competition, and a full scale Zero was present at the GoFly Final Fly Off in February 2020.


  • eVTOL – All electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing, no airstrip needed
  • Fast with cruise speeds of over 160 mph (258 kmh)
  • 50 mile (80 km) range is excellent for this class of vehicle
  • Optionally piloted meaning it can be remotely piloted or from within
  • Versatile – multi-mission capable
  • Search and rescue
  • Resupply & package delivery
  • Ship to shore
  • Reconnaissance
  • Safe and relatively quiet
  • Compact size for storage and deployment
  • Highly reliable all electric drive
  • Elegant design
  • Green machine – zero emissions

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